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belly belly belly.

what just over a week can do to one’s belly, whilst transitioning from 2nd to 3rd trimester. holy ess. we’re in the third trimester. the coach felt sparky move for the first time this afternoon. he is currently floating.

behold: 25w3d vs 26w6d:


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photo friday: in motion.

…and the first thought that came into my head? “sometimes i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion!”

non-sequitur: here are my in motion photos.

1. my charleydog. she is fastfastfast and can run for hours. i’m confident she’d give a greyhound a run for its money. see what i mean? my bitch gots wheels for legs.
2. lucydog. despite having no legs, she can romp through open fields with the best of them. this photo is her essence. just happy to be here.
3. dogmeeting. we used to live in a condo complex with lots of green space. soon, we joined together with other dog owners and created the dogmeeting, wherein our dogs would romp and we would drink. perfect after work activity. the only thing i miss about living in that place. featured pups: lucy, toshi the pug, and charley.

pups a go-go
lucy takes flight.
the ghosts of chamonix

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