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thank you so much to everyone for all the kindness and support.  sparky and i are doing just fine over here.  my high-energy, partytastic sister came to town this past weekend, and i had to (force myself to) set boundaries about what i could and could not do.  instead of hitting the saturday night town as usual, she went out with her boyfriend and austin friends, while i stayed home in bed with h.  we all had brunch at home the next morning.

i worked a full day on monday, and though i bookended tuesday with out-of-town friend meet-ups, i spent most of the day in bed.  and today? i slept in.  h made pancakes.  she went off to take important teacher tests, and i slept.  all.day.  i am still in jammies.  sparky is extra busy today, with long, deliberate rolls and bellybutton jabs.  my constant rest seems to be giving her boundless energy.  ah, my wiggly fetus.  i’m so glad you’re okay.

meanwhile, i looked at the calendar today and realized: third trimester begins on saturday. and we’re in the double digit countdown now.  i shake my head in disbelief.  in 9 weeks, sparky will be considered full term.  how the?

and now i think i’ll eat some steak.

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