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so the second i began to write this post, i totally forgot what i wanted to write about.



the sparkstress is moving higher and higher into her apartment. she is damn near my ribcage now. the kicks are a little less comfortable up there, and my belly is bumping my desk at work. and my abs? soooooooore.

let’s see, what else? oh yeah! h has taken to reading chapters from the pooh books to sparky every night before bed. and as h relays pooh et al’s many adventures, sparky kicks and rolls and thumps. she positively eats up h’s voice so close to my belly.

also, i think we have found our adoption lawyer and we’ll hopefully begin the whole big texan process in the coming few weeks. perhaps on st patty’s day. i will feel so much more at peace once h is sparky’s legal mum.

so that is what’s going on over here. we went to the swedish meatball store that also sells furniture this weekend, and came home with this sofa. win! now to keep the effing dogs off it when we are not home. fail.

finally, here is this week’s belly shot, taken today at 25w3d:


and bonus! my oddly-shaped, formerly innie belly button:

state of the bb.


how’s your wednesday?

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