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et cetera.

slow work day. i’m sitting here staring blankly, thinking about how to score a quarter, so i’d have enough change to maybe procure some donuts from the vending machine. and sparky starts kicking. i’m getting fairly used to her dance moves, low in my belly, usually on top of my bladder. i’m beginning to discern hiccups from karate practice, and her jabs and rolls have become a constant comfort for me.

today, she is kicking and jabbing a good 2-3 inches above my belly button. this is a brand new, never-before felt sensation. i’ve had this image of my belly in two stories: below belly button = downstairs. above belly button = upstairs. sparky has never ventured upstairs before today. before right this minute: 22w5d, at noon. and it’s surreal and nearly uncomfortable and so very cool.

have i mentioned how excited i am to meet this little spark?

and have i also mentioned that i have brand new keys to my brand new house, and a brand new bed will be delivered there tomorrow? my aching hips and tailbone rejoice!

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