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so, i think my first ticker died. because i’ve been 19w5d pregnant for two weeks now. amazing. meanwhile, sparky continues to grow and communicate through constant somersaulting.

i love it. i love feeling her rhythm as i lay on the couch watching mindless tv. i love her protests when i change position in the middle of the night. and i love how she goes from silent sleeper to wide awake upon hearing h’s voice. last night, h read us a nigerian folk tale. sparky rolled and poked the whole time.

tonight, sparky will attend her first concert, as h and i are going to see over the rhine, a longtime favorite band of mine. it’s an intimate show in a tiny venue, and i am just so excited to go, to introduce sparky to the wonderful world of live music. as otr says themselves, “quiet music should be played loud”.

here is a belly shot, wearing my comfiest maternity jeans. sparky is moving on up to the 2nd floor of my belly, it looks like.


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