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still alive.

i realize i haven’t posted in awhile, and i totally have some good excuses.

1. i went on a trip to nashville last week, and spent five days blissed out on the love of friends i haven’t seen forever.
2. i’m fighting the ick.
3. i’ve been in mortgage underwriting hell.

i’m happy to report that sparky has dealt with all of the above remarkably well. she’s growing and growing and her kicks are becoming stronger and more rhythmic. sometimes she wakes me up in the middle of the night. i’m so proud of my little karate champ. she’s currently practicing her crane maneuver.

i’ve noticed that she wakes up when i am feeling a lot of stress on my shoulders. mortgage drama has taken a turn toward absurd lately, as the only thing keeping my conditional approval from becoming full blown, here’s-your-house approval is documentation about my treatment for bipolar in 2004. are you effing kidding me? the amount of intimately confidential information i’ve had to disclose for the sake of loandom is simply staggering. i’ve spent the past week just trying to get my former healthcare providers to, well, provide proof of care, and holy shit, it’s been hell. because no one who answers phones is paid enough to care. meanwhile, sparky kicks and twirls and i apologize, baby, you shouldn’t have to feel all of this yet.

i think i’ve surmounted this bullshit obstacle with a call to a former doctor’s cell phone (hell, i used to teach his daughter sunday school!) and a promise that he’ll provide the documentation himself. if i’m right, we get to close on valentines day. glory be.

anyway. my time in nashville was a gift, and i got lots of gifts too. my dear friend alexia threw a kick ass shower for us, and many long lost faces attended. i need to post pictures of some of the booty, but trust me: kick.ass.everything.

in the meantime, here is a favorite photo from my trip, of me and my beloved friend jude and sparky…and my enormous rack:

the hottness = jude + sparky + bananie

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