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it’s been crazy, exhausted town around these parts. luckily, with less nausea. the new year was properly rung in with friends and fire and persian food and stolen moments with a bit of sparkling wine. it was also rung in with us finding a dreamhouse and drawing up contracts immediately. tomorrow is the big bank day, when we will formally apply for the loan for which we seem to be pre-approved. well holy shit, right? i’m hesitant to speak more about it until it’s really real. i’m preparing myself for a catch, for fallout, for disappointment. if all goes well, we’ll close on the 18th.

my sister p told my niece A about my pregnancy this week. A is 12 years old, very sensitive, and very close to me. i kept my mouth shut throughout the first trimester because i didn’t want her to grieve a miscarriage if it happened. once i was safely in my 2nd trimester, i asked my sister how we should tell her. p suggested she do the honor, as A gets very upset when she finds out her mom knows something and has kept it from her.

and so today, A and i talked on ichat, and she offered hearty congratulations. p–the same sister who didn’t want to have to “explain” h’s and my relationship to her children 2 years ago–told A that i’m pregnant, that i conceived with a sperm donor, AND that h is also the mommy of sparky. A and i have never discussed my relationship with h, but when i asked her if she was ok with all the information that she’d been given, she just said “of course”, and then suggested names for both boys and girls.

i love this girl. and i am so overjoyed that she can simply be excited to have a baby cousin coming. all throughout my chat with A, i felt sparky doing bubbly cartwheels in my belly.

speaking of, tomorrow is a midwife appt, and we set up the bits-determining ultrasound…eep!

i am utterly wasted with exhaustion now, so i will close with a 16w2d belly shot:
can you handle the toplessness? (and can you see the growth of the bump?)

as always, belly gallery can be found here.


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