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i wanted to post a small entry about nausea.  on friday, i had a very long and busy day, and i actually had enough energy to make it through…with no nausea.

this weekend was restful and the only nausea came after i got cocky and thought i could easily digest chicken fried steak…after living on salads for two weeks.  oy.  badness.

and so, now it is monday night, and my nausea seems to really have lifted.  maybe it’s overwith?  possibly?  could it be done at 13 weeks?  oh how wonderful that would be…

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13 weeks.

lots and lots to say, as i’ve been feeling a little better over the past few days. i’ve actually had enough energy to ponder the fact that i really have a human being growing inside me. like, for real. one that is my child. that i will birth in six months. i remember exactly what i was doing six months ago–it doesn’t feel like all that much time has passed.

and to think i’ve never slept with a man. i wonder if my mom thinks about that…

anyway. there is so much to say. but it is midnight. and in order to have the requisite 10 hours of sleep to ensure a zombie-free day, i must close my eyes now. so i leave you with my 13 week belly shot, which was actually taken last night, so it counts for 12 weeks too:


if you’re obsessive like me, you’ll notice that my belly hasn’t grown per se; it’s just that my despised under-appreciated top and bottom rolls have morphed into one entity. i have felt lot of stretching just under my ribcage, and my stomach muscles have been rock hard. h told me last night that i’m ripped. i like her.

for those following along at home, my belly shot gallery is here.

buenas noches.

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