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when i arrived at michele’s this morning, the first thing she told me was that my records had not been sent. i offered a rumbly grrrrr, and she was all, “what’s the doc’s number?” she called, chose the physician’s line option from the menu, and demanded my records sounding all official-like. apparently, ms no social skills receptionist who clearly does not like me since i’m leaving the fold was all apologies, and michele was like, “i don’t care, my patient is HERE NOW, and i need the records.” five minutes later, we had them in hand.

*wipes hands together*
that chapter is done.

i learned a few things today.

1. my blood type is A+, the same as the coach. and so, i know sparky’s blood type.
2. my uterus is measuring 13 cm, right on target.
3. sparky has a heartbeat!!!

kristen the intern was the one with the doppler today, as michele gave instruction. she moved around my lower uterus for awhile, but only picked up my heartbeat. michele grew impatient (she is a quintessential chatty, impatient, energetic gemini–just like sparky will be, i’m sure) and put her hand on top of kristen’s. together they moved to the top of my uterus and pushed down hard. and then there it was. chugchugchug like a fast approaching locomotive. so strong. so constant. so very alive.

i couldn’t see h because of the midwives surrounding me, but i could hear her sharp inhale, and my eyes welled up. “it’s okay to cry,” michele said. “i cried every time i heard it with all 3 of my kids”. her eyes were welled up too. we listened for a long time, even recording it as a voicemail on h’s cell phone.

sparky is alive and growing, with A+ blood flowing through her veins. wow.

[note: h and i are both feeling lots of femininity emanating from my uterus vicinity. all the mystics in our lives predict a girl. and so we’ve defaulted to the feminine pronoun until we find out for sure in january…]

oh and pee ess: i’ve lost 6 lbs since my last appt. i was surprised. first trimester pregnancy: a great way to lose weight!

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