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belly shot, take 2.

i think i understand why i have felt like such utter shit this week. over the past 24 hours, my belly grew. it’s hard and tighter than it’s ever been, and the part above my belly button is stretching. it’s so strange to feel this shift, this growth, happening in real time. and consequently, a new woe:

old and busted: constant nausea blah blah blah
new hotness: pressure on sciatic nerve causing left leg to fall asleep no matter what position i take while lying down.
i had a wonderful night’s sleep last night, incidentally. all hour of it.

without further ado, here is the comparison of 11w1d and 11w5d. do you see it? do you see the growth?

and suddenly

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favorite search engine terms.

over the past 24 hours:

“rock on, sparky!”

buried money

lefthanded lesbians

pregnant cat chart

care to share your favorites, dear readers?

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