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i thought i was safe.

quick thanksgiving update: due to the accidental poisoning of h’s cousin’s dachshund, aunt, uncle & cousin did not attend thanksgiving festivities. (the dachshund is okay.) we had a lovely, quiet day, and i was able to eat just about everything, including 2 pieces of my beloved pumpkin pie. yum. no pregnancy drama whatsoever. h’s brother’s wife is very excited about sparky, and brought me seabands in case i was feeling nauseous. her brother was gone for most of the day, feeding cows. i spent a lot of time on a recliner, watching miracle on 34th street.

friday and saturday were great days, morning sickness-speaking. i didn’t take the z.ofr.an, and i still had energy and felt comparatively good. i ate meals. yesterday, i even woke up with a craving for ethiopian food (which, incidentally, i’d never had), and so we found a restaurant and enjoyed the spread heartily. mmmmm. last night, i followed my random craving to toxic hell, and had a couple tacos. and they were tasty too. i was so proud of myself.

and so it came as a surprise to me when i woke up at 6 am today, hungry-nauseous. i made some toast, had a glass of orange juice, and curled up on the couch to watch early morning tv. then came the vomit. i puked and puked and ohmygod, ow my gut and throat. i fell back asleep until 2pm, when i realized i’d left the dogs out in the muddy, rainy backyard for hours. i gave two of them emergency baths, and five minutes later vomited a whole bottle of water.

so now, it’s back to bed. h brought me a z.ofr.an and some toast. i’m sipping a rootbeer. here’s to no more puking.

…i’m pretty sure this is pregnancy-related vomiting. i don’t feel flu-sick or food-poisoned. i just feel weak and pregnant. and weepy. we can’t forget weepy.

i am 11 weeks along today. here’s to the promised land of trimester two just around the corner. please?

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