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1. my beloved midwife called me in a prescription of z*ofr.an yesterday. as far as big guns of antinausea go, it’s the safest on the market, and she’s sworn by it for a long time. at our appointment last week, i was so sick that she offered me one to take home and see if it worked. holy shit. it worked. like a charm. i took one this morning, and i’m able to eat. and sit up. unfortunate: i’m coming down with a cold or flu. fever. stuffiness. burning eyes. not again.

2. as i dragged my non-nauseous, getting sick self out of bed today, i wondered what on earth i would wear. i pulled out my favorite jeans. i wore them 2 weeks ago and it was no big deal. and i weigh less than before i was pregnant, so they’d fit, right? negative. i couldn’t button them. i couldn’t bring the button to the hole. there was a good inch between them. i woke up h to show her. this is the first time in my life that i’ve celebrated jeans no longer fitting. well, maybe i got excited when i was 7.

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