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ladies, ladies, ladies: thank you for coming through with your stories and advice. i think your enthusiastic reply to my request for help was really encouraging to my beloved. we’ve read your comments and entries together, and they’ve all sparked a lot of discussion. so, once again, thank you.

yesterday was midwife consultation day. i’m not sure where to begin. ok, how about with the hug of a greeting she gave both of us? or the fact that she owns a tortoise…and let us play with it? or maybe the big cozy bed in the “exam room”? perhaps it would be better to talk about how i admitted i was nervous about my dr’s strong recommendation to get a flu shot NOW, to which she replied, DON’T DO IT! THEY USE MERCURY IN THE VACCINE! BAD BAD! no, no. i’ll start with the empowerment. the first thing she said to h after we began the meeting is, “you are the one who is going to catch this baby. we stand back and watch and give pointers, but it is you two who will be beginning your family in that moment.”

our consultation lasted two hours, and we covered many, many topics. when i told her about my experience of feeling bullied by dr c about my birth plan, she reassured me: she works with the hospital closest to our house every day. she teaches nurse-midwives. she has a great rapport with the drs, and she just delivered a perinatalogist’s baby at home. if for some reason i had to be transported to the hospital, she would be my advocate and doula.

can you tell we said yes to her services? our first appointment is on thursday. i’ve thought about a nickname for our midwife, but i think i will simply call her by name: michele. we love her, and are so excited that we really get to work with her, as she only takes 4 patients clients a month. during our consultation, two new famblies came in for baby weigh-ins, and i got to see how michele interacts with the parents and the babies. with the latter, she devolves into a squeaking, doting auntie who is addicted to sniffing baby heads. it was wonderful to watch. she took a break from head-sniffing long enough to say, “in just seven month’s you two will have one of these”. i got all teary and grateful that we are where we are.

afterward, we had lunch at a little upscale bistro to celebrate. i actually ate a whole panini, and splurged on a cup of real, caffeinated coffee and a piece of tiramisu. oh divinity. how you taste like espresso.

today, i feel terrible. the nausea is back with full force, and all of the little tricks i’ve figured out are not helping. thankfully, i still like eggs, so i’ve got food in my belly. and i’m still carrying the hopeful high brought on by our meeting yesterday. i’ve got a purring kitten lying next to me and a warm autumn sun shining through my bedroom window. my bed is cozy and i have nowhere to be. it is enough.

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