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hello friends,

i need your stories. we are struggling through some of the changes that my pregnancy has brought. changes include:

1. holy shit we’re having a baby. now what?
2. i am now a hormonal sick lump, whose sole purpose in life is to incubate. (aka, where did h’s partner go?)
3. h feeling very separate and alone in this journey. as the non-bio mom, at this point she feels pretty detached from the whole process. the baby doesn’t feel like it’s her child yet, but she already feels the obligation part.
a. the obligation to take care of both me and sparky.
b. the scary obligation of being responsible.
c. the fear that her life will now be 100% pre-decided.

is this making sense? we are simply dealing with the freakout of change. and that’s where you come in.

can you tell me stories of your own freakouts, and how you navigated the scary waters? non-bio moms, how did you deal with your partner’s pregnancy–or anticipation of your partner’s pregnancy?

[edit: we have read confessions of the other mother, and maybe we should crack it again. from what i remember, it didn’t really deal with the freak out issue all that much.]

i want to give these stories to my beloved h, to show her that she is not alone.

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