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we just got home from the doctor’s office. today was the first big prenatal appointment. lot of bloodgiving and peeing in cups. a surprise pap.

nurse: you’re not due till april. i’m sure we can give you the annual after you give birth in june.
dr: i’m not going to say anything. i’ll let you figure it out as i clamp the speculum and start swabbing.
me: woo! that’s cold! i’m getting a pap right now?

when it was finally time for the ultrasound, my bladder was full and my suzy hurt inside and out. however, dr c quickly found the one! sac, and a sparky snuggled within it, complete with a strong flickering heartbeat. h squeezed my hand.

sparky is measuring 6w4d, which is maybe a day behind, but fine. today, i am healthy. the baby is healthy. there is no better birthday gift.

without further ado, here is sparky.


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