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sick sick sick. still no puking, but wondering if it would be better if i just stuck my finger down my throat. sea-bands worked wonders in the middle of the night, when i tossed and turned with nausea and sore sciatic nerve. now? not so much.

thank the good lord that my intermittent fmla leave kicked in today. this means i can miss a day of work when morning sickness kicks my ass and not be penalized. (i work in a department where one incurs incidents for absences, even when allotted sick time is used.)

and so i am taking half a day off today, and i’ve been sleeping and whining when awake. sweet h obliged my “craving” (ie idea for food that didn’t make me want to gag) by driving over to p.apa jo.hns for a pepperoni pizza. of course: 2 bites then nausea. i can’t win.

oh, and h wanted me to post this because she predicted it from the moment i said i wanted to get pregnant: i am off the chicken.

i cannot express the weight of that statement. i am a chickenphile of the highest order. i adore chicken. and sweet h the vegetarian does wonders with chicken preparation for me. yesterday, i packed a lunch of a perfectly seasoned chicken breast and rice w/ peas. i could barely get through half of the chicken before my gag reflex started making noises. basically, i feasted on rice.

so now, our freezer is full of what was meant to be my chicken lunches, along with the homemade chicken soup.

sparkling water with lemon is still my savior, so i am going to sip away and then nap before i have to drag my ass into the office.

pee ess two days until:
a. our 2nd ultrasound
b. my birthday!

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