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dear sparky.

dear little sparky, blueberry of my womb,

one month ago today, i dropped your grandmother off at the airport, along with your aunt e. it was 7 am, and your mommy h frantically drove over to uncle coach’s house for what we liked to call a driveby. we arrived home in a rush: there wasn’t much time! i had to go to work! this was our one shot! soon, i was propped up on the new yoga ball in bed, and i stared at the ceiling, hoping and wondering–could this be the time it works? two days later, i stared at the full moon, grieving over the loss of your grandfather 10 years ago that day, and i held my belly with hope. all the while, you were already there, conceived.

happy one month conception, little one. grow, grow.

i thanked the ever-waxing moon for you tonight.


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so. morning sickness = byebye sex life. i haven’t had the energy or desire to get all freaky lately. this makes me sad. and i’ve been working it all out in my dreams, i think. last night i had a sexish dream that even featured a nice O. and immediately after, i cramped and cramped, and told myself to wake up. upon waking, the cramps were real and painful. i rushed to bathroom, but thankfully, no blood. i returned to bed, and a sleepy h rubbed my lower back until i fell back asleep.

i’ve read that O’s can cause cramping, but holy moly, it was intense.

and this morning my belly was bigger. i guess my muscles are doing some super stretches.

it must be time to start taking belly shots.

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