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it is a gorgeous saturday afternoon. the light streaming through the windows is autumn. the window are open and the world smells so. good. 4:30 pm. and i’ve been in bed all day.

morning sickness is not what i thought it would be. i was convinced i’d probably have it all day long, what with the puking and relief, puking and relief. as a girl who had an ulcer a few years ago, that’s doable. as long as there is relief.

no such luck, unfortunately. so far, there has been no puking, just nausea like a clammy blanket on my skin. i wake up feeling alright and hungry. and i eat, and then it comes. and stays. ginger snaps and/or ginger ale have become staples, as have the crackers and water. still not a lot of relief.

i’m frustrated that i’m missing the day. i really want to go outside and play. but getting up is so tiring. ha. i’m such a whiner.

i will be getting out of the house later today. our friend dee is moving back to houston this week, after a year in austin. the coach and h and i will gather at his house one last time to play mahjong. and i will try not to vomit.

pee ess, my belly feels like i’ve been doing situps. my abs are sore and tired. such a weird sensation. tomorrow begins week 7. woot woot.


dig the disheveled look, y’all.

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