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4th beta result.

today’s beta is 2132.  doubling time from wednesday =2.16 days.

dr c is fine with it being just over 48 hour doubling time.  it was about 46 hours between tests anyway.

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today, we went to the dr for my first ultrasound. h wore a tshirt that says ‘i love mom’. for all the months of clomid checks and other proddings, we’ve always been in small, ultrasoundless rooms. today, that all changed. pregnancy has graduated me into the baby room. seriously. this vast exam room was filled with hundreds of baby’s pictures, mostly featuring my doctor in various stages of bad hairdos.

dr c walked in, sat down and said, ‘so i hear we’re having a baby!’ and the room was all smiles.

before inserting the lovely dildocam, she advised that because of sparky’s small size, we may not see him/her yet…and not to be freaked out.

however, immediately upon insertion, the sparky sac was clear and evident and the perfect size, right around 6-10mm if i remember correctly. and look, only one! sparky. relief. i don’t know how we’d afford multiple sparkies. and sparky is implanted in just the right spot. thank god. initial worries = alleviated.

i had another beta done today, and i’ll find out the numbers later today, i think. 2nd ultrasound is scheduled for 10.26, which happens to be my 29th birthday.

without further ado, may i present: sparky the sparkplug.sfp2.jpg

fyi, i’m measuring myself at 4wk 5d, based on when i ovulated.  dr c, naturally, is measuring me by my last period: hence 5wk 1 d.  at least we’re only 2 days off, instead a week, right?

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