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just wondering.

so, since i announced the two pink lines, my stats have quadrupled!  i’m wondering who the lurkers are, if they care to delurk?

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because my doctor doesn’t order ‘stat’ lab results, i have to wait till tomorrow morning for the results of today’s 2nd beta. of course i spent my whole morning obsessing over the nurse’s ‘little low’ comment about friday’s hcg levels. thanks to melissa for the beta site link. it made me feel much better. also, just about every bit of information i came across said that the median for 12dpo hcg levels is 50. so, technically, that makes me slightly above average. as a perfectionist, that doesn’t quite rock my world, but it makes me breathe a sigh of relief.

sparky is still in there, i had to remind myself all day. sparky is in there, and sparky is growing. your boobs still hurt, your uterus aches: sparky is ok.

and so i wait for tomorrow’s results.

in the meantime, i stayed home from work with the sick today. h and i did make a quick excursion to the target, though. you see, i am already bloated below my belly button. my pants still fit, but are just uncomfortable, especially when lying around all day. so, we got me 2 pairs of maternity pants. a black pair of yoga pants, and capri pants for late 2nd trimester–they were on sale. what can i say?

and, as a soft little icon on which to focus my hope, i bought a pair of froggy jammies for sparky. small enough for him/her to wear as soon as s/he gets here.

as we left the baby dept, h came up behind me, kissed my cheeks and rubbed my belly as i pushed the shopping cart. she is so ecstatic about sparky’s arrival. she kissed us both goodbye before she left for class tonight.

we’re having a baby.

pee ess, though food aversions haven’t really kicked in just yet, i can tell you that my favorite thing in the whole world right now is fizzy water with fresh lemon. lots of fresh lemon. it’s just so…good.

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beta results.

edit: this was friday’s test. 12 dpo.

progesterone looks great. (i forgot to even ask for the number.)

hcg is 56 mIU/ml. dr. c wants me to have another beta today because she thought my levels were a little low.

i’ve read that the normal range for week 4 of pregnancy is 5-426 mlU/ml. what say yous guys?

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