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i heart h.

h the vegetarian is making me homemade chicken soup with potatoes.  and she’s making me yogi tea (pregnancy safe!) to clear out my sinuses.

dude. i feel like shite.

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still living in disbelief that somewhere beneath my navel lies a 1mm embryo who is developing things like kidneys and a brain as i type. insane, right? in.sane.

we already had plans to drive to tiny, tx last night to visit h’s mum, so we still went. and we told her our news. and she screeched with joy and made sure i was wellfed. “you’re going to make great moms” she said to me today, as we watched h wrestle with her small nephews. i patted my belly. i hope so.

something is definitely happening inside my body. already, the constant peeing and queasiness are kicking in. and the cramping. the lower half of my belly is growing firmer-feeling. and achy. then there’s the boobs. it feels like someone unscrewed my nips, punched the boobies underneath for a long time, and then screwed my nips back on.

i seem to have come down with a cold. one nostril breathing. plugged ear. scratchy throat and a fever. we went to bed at 9 pm last night, before tossing and turning until morning.

we just got back from tiny a little bit ago, and i immediately peed on another stick. according to first response, i’m still pregnant. i have to wait until monday for the results of my blood test. damn weekends.

ok. nap.

as far as tickers go, i think i’ll add one after my first dr’s appt on friday. or maybe when i get my results on monday. my superstitious self doesn’t want to jinx it.

pee ess thank you all soooooooo much again for the hearty congrats. it means so much to see how many people are rooting for us out there in internetland. you are beautiful, friends. exes and ohs.

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