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day 3!


can i just say that i’ve never been this constipated in my life?
and holy sore boobs, batman. it’s like i’ve been punched repeatedly behind the nips.

i’ve been mulling over what everyone has said about testing as early as tomorrow. i’m hesitant for 2 reasons.

1. my luteal phase has been known to last 16 days.
2. though it’s cruel, i want to hold on to the hope of being pregnant for as long as possible, even if i’m not.

i think that i’m emotionally prepared for a negative this month. i hope i am. we will see.
if i am negative, it’s on to next month…our last month ttc for about a year. that was our compromise: we’d shoot for a summer baby, so h would be home, as she starts teaching full time next fall, and probably wouldn’t get leave. it makes sense.

everything we need comes in time, right?

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