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thanks so much for the helpful comments!

in the end we decided against inseminating tonight.  i have to take my mom and sister to the airport at 7 am tomorrow, and h will drive over to the coach’s house for an early morning pickup.  we’ll insem before i go to work in the morning.  and we’ll probably do it again tomorrow night.

hopefully the timing will work…

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hello friends.  so sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  insanity has been the keyword around here, with work and health and my mother’s visit being some of the factors.

anyway.  it’s cd17 and i got a positive opk this morning.  tonight is my mother’s last night in town.  i know i won’t ovulate till tomorrow.  if you were in my position (i.e. sneaking around to somehow get inseminated under your mother’s nose), would you chance it tonight and guarantee maximum nervousness/uncomfortableness?  or would you wait until tomorrow?

i’m leaning toward the latter, for peace of mind, but the earliest we could do it tomorrow is 6 o’clock pm.

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