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the verdict.

i’m out.

really bad cramps.

temperature dip to just above my coverline.


negative test.

so long, hope for a may baby.  hello junebug.

i think i’m okay.  i still had a little hope yesterday, but last night brought the unmistakable cramps.  if nothing else, i know i ovulated this month, which relieved a lot of fear.  i knew this month was funky, and felt as emotionally prepared as i could be. i don’t feel like crying.  i don’t know if i will.

september insems are going to be awkward at best, if i ovulate cd14-15.  my mother is coming to visit.  she arrives 14 days from today.  (maybe the stress of that will delay my ovulation again…) more on her visit later…

it’s my beloved h’s 30th birthday. i am going to put on a pot of strong coffee and deliver breakfast in bed.  she’s snoring beside me at the moment…hopefully, i will be able to rouse her.

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