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yesterday, h and i had a lovely morning and afternoon. we scooted over to a great breakfast joint, where i chowed on french toast. and then we spent several hours at a favorite coffee shop, with both of us doing productive work. suddenly, a wave of nausea hit me hard. on our scooter ride home, my mantra was “don’t puke don’t puke don’t puke”.

at home, i put a cool cloth on my head and napped for awhile. i thought i’d feel better.

last night was a surprise party in two parts for h, which i orchestrated. i did not feel better, however. and so, i tried not to let on how horrible i was feeling as we had a marvelous (but mostly inedible, for me) dinner at our friend chris’ house. afterward, i had invited all our friends out for drinks at a favorite haunt, and as soon as we arrived, i vomited and vomited. i spent the rest of the evening sipping on coke and mineral water, with an aching lower back and sour, sour belly.

the nausea finally passed when i went to bed, but i woke up with it at 4 am, and h sleepily pinched pressure points in my wrists until i could sleep.

today, i am working and the nausea remains. i am done with my antibiotics, so i know they are not the cause of this. (they didn’t make me this nauseous to begin with.)

i’m still vigilant about waiting until 14dpo to test again, but this nausea is most definitely not something psychosomatic. neither are my really sore boobs, which i never get with my period.

h started her period yesterday. we’ve been on the same cycle for a few months now, and i half expect to find blood in my panties. but no. not yet anyway.

ok. must do some work. i just ate some greasy french fries–the ultimate cure for nausea–and they just feel gross in my belly. meh. this mack truck of ickiness better be pregnancy or i will be sorely disappointed that i didn’t get to have a blast at my love’s birthday party.

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