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oh and by the way.

i thought it was time to change up the appearance of the blog. this one feels a little more spacious and user-friendly.

hooray 🙂

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and so we just returned from celebrating our 4th anniversary at a faraway place called chinati springs, a natural hot spring chock fulla lithium and other good stuff. it was quite an adventure, and we camped. i am still utterly exhausted from the heat and the driving and the camping and the soaking in healing waters. we had the loveliest time. here are some photos that pretty much are the gist of the experience:

first, there was the cold spring-fed swimming pool, where we spent a lot of time:


and then there was the tomfoolery around said pool:

and then there was some kissy kissy:


more tomfoolery:


a bloodhound named waylon peter jennings:img_7790.jpg

and lots of desert:img_7393.jpg

there are hundreds more photos i have yet to process, but there you have it.

i thought happy thoughts toward my uterus, and especially my little ovaries that can. i reminded them that the healing waters were there to inspire a healthy egg this week…

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