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this is my first period in a very long time without the aid of antidepressants. pms was a bitch. tears tears tears, a wee bit of panic, and more tears.

now that i’m bleeding, i feel alternately relieved (i.e open floodgates) and angsty. the cramps are the vomit-inducing kind, and i’m really hoping this is the last period i have for a long time.

in other news, we had a bbq yesterday, complete with a piñata!

the piñata was leftover from my birthday party that wasn’t to be back in october. our friend jane had purchased a big hollow papier mache ghost for me, and it’s been sitting forlornly in her apartment for months. luckily for us, the ghost looks like a big happy sperm, and so with a little help of stickers with babies on them, i got to take a bat to an adorable fertility piñata!

and now i have candy.

our vegan/raw foods friend, tamara, brought goji berries. chris, our taiwanese buddhist, food-knowledgeable friend agreed with her that goji berries are good for sexual energy and fertility.

i now have sexy berries.

with the piñata and berries, i will surely get pregnant this month.

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