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virginity: lost.

alright. we have made it through our first round of the ovulation guessing game, spermination fun, psychosomatic symptoms, waiting waiting, and the unsurprising bfn.

no sparky this month. so we soldier on, watching our daily dose of baby shows, joking about names (wolfy and greta, if we have twins), and working on keeping the backbone of our relationship strong and healthy. also, we picked up a nice sized bottle of whiskey last night.

as i said the other day, i was initially very, very distraught about fucking up our timing this month. i felt like i failed while simultaneously feeling denied. but, as i promised h through my tears: it will pass. and it has. here’s to another month of new territory.

pee ess: we bought mother’s day gifts at the works place for bathing and bodies last night, and walked out with a fancy vanilla sandlewood candle. we agreed that it is my early, early mother’s day gift, and let it burn all evening as we played cards with the coach.

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