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7 things.

my first meme tag at we are fambly. thanks trista!

1. i can touch my tongue to my nose. before i came out, this was pretty innocent trivia, but now it has amazing (and true!) connotations…

2. i am related to benedict arnold.

3. h and i met over the interwebs. four years ago on may 25. she lived in austin. i lived in nashville. after a couple months of all night phone conversations, she flew to visit me. h hates to fly. h plays it safe. her regular self would NEVER fly 857 miles to meet a stranger. after dating long distance for 1 1/2 years, i packed up my dog and my stuff, and moved here. we’ve never looked back.

4. i worked for several years in the christian music industry ™. i spent a lot of time as a freelance writer for lots of christian publications ™. i don’t do that anymore.

5. i lived in northern ireland for a little while.

6. um…this is getting difficult. i’m very left handed. my left and right hands only work well together while typing.

7. i grew up in erie, pa. aka “dreary erie, the mistake by the lake”.

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