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back. forth. to. fro.

my apologies for radio silence here. we’ve just returned from an exhausting trip to chicago, where i was the photographer for my ex boyfriend’s wedding. surprisingly, it was not awkward.

this first ttc month has been rougher on me than i realized.  the am i pregnant/have i even effing ovulated yet dichotomy started to drive me nuts. and when i finally got ovulite ferns on the day we were leaving  for chicago, i lost it. h and i had a big, yet thankfully quick blowout, and decided to take a break from all things conception for the weekend.  i didn’t temp, though i did keep peeing on sticks…all of which were negative.

and so. we drank a lot of beer, a lot of wine, and just had ourselves a time. now we are home, and the dogs are frantically glad to see us, and i’m going to bed.


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