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insurance question!

does anyone have advice about dealing with insurance and midwives? my plan allows me to use in-network providers, and none of the birthing centers in austin, texas are in that network.

i’ve been in contact with a midwife who recommends i apply for a “gap exception”, and i am utterly confused about the process. my insurance company, of course, is not helpful at all, especially since my questions are hypothetical at this point.

also, if i have to pay out of pocket, what is a fair fee? in my research, i’ve come across a rather broad range of charges.

digression: all this birthing/insurance research is totally getting my mind off the countdown to insemination. funny, that.

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sick sick sucks.

h. got sick on easter.

the prenatal vitamins kept me strong for a whole week.

now i’m sick.

together, we go to the doctor today, with high hopes for relief. it’s only been 3 days, and i’m already a whiny, stoned-on-Vicks fool. meh.

my chart is bizarre with the sickness. my temp dipped for 4 days in a row, down to the low 96’s. this morning it spiked a degree. 97 degree fever? strange.

as of today, i have a standing appt w/ my pcp, as well as a new obgyn for my preconception appt. i also have a call in to a great midwife i found. if she can work with my insurance company, i am dropping the drs. she is the only midwife at the only birthing center i could find that referred to “birthing mom and partner” as opposed to husband. and she has a mobile birthing pool! 🙂

today is last day of period. let the countdown to the big o begin.

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us. are we not the hottness?


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edit: now with reply!

hey coach,

i wanted to touch base about getting started with the bidness. because you are now privy to things you really don’t want to know, i would like to announce that i am on my period. clearly you did not get me pregnant last month with your gaze.

if my charting skills and internal clock are on target, i’ll be fertile myrtle around the 28th. are you comfortable beginning that soon?

if for some reason ovulation doesn’t happen before may 3, then we’ll start next month, as i don’t think you want to come to chicago with us…

lemme know where your head is at…


That sounds a-ok. I’m taking my multi-vitamin (and eating things that have
the stuff it’s missing), wearing loose undies, and I’ll be sure to start,
erm…. “stocking up” on the 24th.

Is there anything else I need to be doing? Anything else I could be doing?

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today was my big return to the dentist, after a year of putting it off. last year, i had 5 out of 10 cavities filled, as well as a root canal. ew. can you tell who hadn’t been to the dentist in oh say 10 years?

i only had three fillings done today, which is a theoretical cakewalk compared to mister root canal. and yet, no. they couldn’t get me numb. there was much jabbing and digging with the needle. drill. “can you feel that?” YES. more needle.

i finally numbed. and then i bit my lip. argh.

and so now i am surfacing from the heebie-jeebie numbfaced place, and hell if i’m not pouring myself a whiskey and (kosher!) coke. i deserve it.

in other news, i just peed. and i’m spotting! on day 13/14 dpo. for an irregular/long cycled girl, my luteal phase has proven to be pretty kick ass and consistent. this news deserves another drink!

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about that time.

okay. i have a question for all two of you reading me 🙂

i know that a lot of women’s sex drives go up around the big o time. do you experience the same thing right before you start your period as well? i have been dead down in the netherlands all month. now? ff promises it’s about that time, and i am awake with a vengeance. of course, h is down for the count with the flu. sigh.

i just woke up from a nap in which i seduced julie andrews. julie andrews circa the sound of music. no wait. i think she may have been wearing an outfit from thoroughly modern millie. not surprisingly, she played very hard to get. she wanted to teach me how to archive books. tease.

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since we have not yet even begun project spermination, it’s a bit difficult to find the balance on who to tell what we’re up to. i’ve told a few friends, just because it makes the whole undertaking feel more real, you know? but what about family?

h’s mom knows. she loves me like a daughter, and though she thinks we’re absolutely nuts sometimes, she wants to us to be happy. and she wouldn’t be disappointed with another grandchild either…

my family, on the other hand, is a different story. we are an awkward and tense bunch. i tend to spit out important things and get crickets in return. that’s kind of what happened when i came out to them about four years ago. my mother loves h., but never refers to her as anything other than my friend. i have a sister who is resigned to the situation, but does not want to have to explain “it” to her kids, who are 12 and 9. they happen to refer to h. as “aunt”, of their own accord…because they happen to love her. sigh.

i also have a crazy sister. but let’s leave that subject alone.

so, that leaves sister 3. she’s a carrie bradshaw type, a true dallas girl. i’m her bongo drum playing beatnik little sister. and we adore each other. she came for an overnight visit this weekend, and we were planning on not telling her about babymaking just yet. i just didn’t want to get her hopes up. or hear her opinions if she thought it was a bad idea. so, i hid the fertility books, the basal thermometer, the opk’s. what i neglected to hide, however, was my prenatal vitamins. d’oh.

so sister 3 asked me point blank what we’re up to. and i told her. her response? “oh cool. whose sperm are you using?” when i told her about the coach, she smiled and said she thought so. that he’s a good choice. she checked to see that i knew all about ewcm (by stretching her fingers a good 2 feet apart…), and then she asked about names we’ve picked out. and what we’re going to do when our kid turns out to be just like her: a girl who is girlier than a girly girl. i told sister 3 she’d just have to be godmother and teach her everything she needs to know.

so. that was easy.
now, my period is almost here (i dipped today!) attempt #1 is just around the corner…

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photo friday bandwagoner.

so, it’s saturday. but that’s just how i roll.

meet gunther pickles. he is eight months old, the first born child of our cat, chloe. (we allowed her to have one litter before spaying her, because she’s got the best disposition ever. she had a litter of three. gunther’s sibs live with friends.) gunnie is a dwarf cat. though he recently gained 1/2 a pound, he still weighs in at 3 lbs, 2 oz. he is the size of a 10 week old kitten. he has his own internist, and is on an almost constant round of antibiotics to keep him alive. he will most definitely live a short life, but for the timebeing, he is a happy wee man. and we love him so.


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i don’t know how you other ttc-ers felt in the weeks preceding your first attempt at project baby.

i am changing already.

i’ve been on prenatal vitamins for a little while now, and i have this theory that they totally turn on your mommy hormones hardcore. my appetite is huge these days, which is weird. i usually eat because it’s the thing to do to stay alive. now, however, i crave protein. all.the.time.

last week, i came home from working out with a request of h, the cook in our fambly. she is a vegetarian.

“baby, i’m hungry.”
“what do you want to do about that?”
“i really want a steak.”
(rolling her eyes.) “do you have a steak?”
“why yes i do!” (proudly displays just-purchased ribeye.)
“i’m having visions of what my life is going to be like when you are pregnant.”

and then she made me steak. and it was good. at noon.

discovery health network has become the channel on our tv. i do not need a clock anymore. my morning is gauged, every day, by the shows house of babies, birthday, and runway moms. i know it’s time for me to go to work when adoption stories comes on. i know way too much about c-sections now. and everything that can go wrong with epidurals. oh, and pregnant models.

hopefully, we will do our first insem around 4/28. i am beyond ready.
apparently, i am in my own 3ww. fun!

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yesterday, we had a beer with the coach. (i am enjoying them while i still can…) i had promised myself i wouldn’t bring up babytalk, because i don’t want to become the obsessive woman who only thinks of his sperm when i hang out with him. to my surprise, he broached the subject himself.

the other night, we had discussed what his parents should know. “grandparents” are a tough situation, when “dad” has no rights. but. we know and love his folks. he is their only child, and they know that he doesn’t want a family of his own. his mother is adopted, and grew up with oldschool lesbians in her life, who were known as coach’s grandmas. his parents love us, accept us, and we all agreed that they should know. coach just wasn’t sure when to tell them. does he prepare them by saying we’re going to try? if i don’t get pregnant, then what? they will have had to deal with all the emotions for nothing. so. he is going to wait until i am pregnant to tell them. thoughts on this?

coach also told us that he had some baby and kiddo photos of himself at home, and so we immediately had to go see them! coach is handsome. mid 20s. 6’4″. fit and brownhair/blue eyed. his baby pics? tall and towheaded. adorable and squinty little heartbreaker. i am 5’6″. blond/blue. h is 5’10” brown/green. honestly, the coach looks like he could be related to both of us. it’s not as important to me that my kiddo look just like me. i already have a nephew who looks exactly like me, and so i’ve experienced that strange feeling of, “wow, it’s me. but it’s not me!” i want our child to resemble h a bit, however. i want her to have as many physical connections to him/her as possible. if we make a baby with the help of coach, i think i’ll get to have my cake and eat it too.

hee. excited. i wish i could make myself ovulate on command.

for entertainment’s sake, here’s a pic of me at 3. note the kid-friendly kerosene heater in the background. always safe to ride a tricycle around an open flame while clad in flammable footie jammies. parenting rule #1.chicklet

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