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first time.

i have sperm inside me for the first time.

right now.

i’m propped. right now.

h and the coach are sharing a cigarette in mutual celebration.

this is probably early. opk’s are still a little light. but, i have: ewcm. spotting. constipation. open, soft cervix.
so.  the coach donated early.  after i’m done laying here, we’ll play some canasta and call it a night.


we did it.  with a little help from preseed and pornotube.
we are officially ttc.

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hey coach,

i realllllly don’t want to get in the way of your “personal time”, but i think i may be ovulating a little sooner than i thought. would you mind abstaining today and tomorrow? monday may be the day…

if anything changes, i’ll let you know it’s safe to resume.

oh, and can i buy you a beer tonight? 🙂

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