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photo friday: tattoo.

here is a self portrait of my three tattoos:

i got the left blue star done first in november 2003. i was profoundly depressed and wrestling with the all-too-familiar issue of being a christian (in the bible belt) and being a lesbian. i needed evidence of a god who would never leave nor forsake. what is more constant and permanent than stars? i called that star “hope”. several months later, h. held my hand as i had the 2nd blue star tattooed into my right shoulder. that one is “joy”.

for my 27th birthday in 2005, i had the big bird done. she is love bird. heart-holder surrounded by stars. she hurt like a bitch. but i am proud of her beauty. an amazing man named carlos created her for me. i will go to him for my next tattoo, whatever it may be…

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