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insurance question!

does anyone have advice about dealing with insurance and midwives? my plan allows me to use in-network providers, and none of the birthing centers in austin, texas are in that network.

i’ve been in contact with a midwife who recommends i apply for a “gap exception”, and i am utterly confused about the process. my insurance company, of course, is not helpful at all, especially since my questions are hypothetical at this point.

also, if i have to pay out of pocket, what is a fair fee? in my research, i’ve come across a rather broad range of charges.

digression: all this birthing/insurance research is totally getting my mind off the countdown to insemination. funny, that.

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sick sick sucks.

h. got sick on easter.

the prenatal vitamins kept me strong for a whole week.

now i’m sick.

together, we go to the doctor today, with high hopes for relief. it’s only been 3 days, and i’m already a whiny, stoned-on-Vicks fool. meh.

my chart is bizarre with the sickness. my temp dipped for 4 days in a row, down to the low 96’s. this morning it spiked a degree. 97 degree fever? strange.

as of today, i have a standing appt w/ my pcp, as well as a new obgyn for my preconception appt. i also have a call in to a great midwife i found. if she can work with my insurance company, i am dropping the drs. she is the only midwife at the only birthing center i could find that referred to “birthing mom and partner” as opposed to husband. and she has a mobile birthing pool! 🙂

today is last day of period. let the countdown to the big o begin.

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