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today was my big return to the dentist, after a year of putting it off. last year, i had 5 out of 10 cavities filled, as well as a root canal. ew. can you tell who hadn’t been to the dentist in oh say 10 years?

i only had three fillings done today, which is a theoretical cakewalk compared to mister root canal. and yet, no. they couldn’t get me numb. there was much jabbing and digging with the needle. drill. “can you feel that?” YES. more needle.

i finally numbed. and then i bit my lip. argh.

and so now i am surfacing from the heebie-jeebie numbfaced place, and hell if i’m not pouring myself a whiskey and (kosher!) coke. i deserve it.

in other news, i just peed. and i’m spotting! on day 13/14 dpo. for an irregular/long cycled girl, my luteal phase has proven to be pretty kick ass and consistent. this news deserves another drink!

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