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since we have not yet even begun project spermination, it’s a bit difficult to find the balance on who to tell what we’re up to. i’ve told a few friends, just because it makes the whole undertaking feel more real, you know? but what about family?

h’s mom knows. she loves me like a daughter, and though she thinks we’re absolutely nuts sometimes, she wants to us to be happy. and she wouldn’t be disappointed with another grandchild either…

my family, on the other hand, is a different story. we are an awkward and tense bunch. i tend to spit out important things and get crickets in return. that’s kind of what happened when i came out to them about four years ago. my mother loves h., but never refers to her as anything other than my friend. i have a sister who is resigned to the situation, but does not want to have to explain “it” to her kids, who are 12 and 9. they happen to refer to h. as “aunt”, of their own accord…because they happen to love her. sigh.

i also have a crazy sister. but let’s leave that subject alone.

so, that leaves sister 3. she’s a carrie bradshaw type, a true dallas girl. i’m her bongo drum playing beatnik little sister. and we adore each other. she came for an overnight visit this weekend, and we were planning on not telling her about babymaking just yet. i just didn’t want to get her hopes up. or hear her opinions if she thought it was a bad idea. so, i hid the fertility books, the basal thermometer, the opk’s. what i neglected to hide, however, was my prenatal vitamins. d’oh.

so sister 3 asked me point blank what we’re up to. and i told her. her response? “oh cool. whose sperm are you using?” when i told her about the coach, she smiled and said she thought so. that he’s a good choice. she checked to see that i knew all about ewcm (by stretching her fingers a good 2 feet apart…), and then she asked about names we’ve picked out. and what we’re going to do when our kid turns out to be just like her: a girl who is girlier than a girly girl. i told sister 3 she’d just have to be godmother and teach her everything she needs to know.

so. that was easy.
now, my period is almost here (i dipped today!) attempt #1 is just around the corner…

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