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i don’t know how you other ttc-ers felt in the weeks preceding your first attempt at project baby.

i am changing already.

i’ve been on prenatal vitamins for a little while now, and i have this theory that they totally turn on your mommy hormones hardcore. my appetite is huge these days, which is weird. i usually eat because it’s the thing to do to stay alive. now, however, i crave protein. all.the.time.

last week, i came home from working out with a request of h, the cook in our fambly. she is a vegetarian.

“baby, i’m hungry.”
“what do you want to do about that?”
“i really want a steak.”
(rolling her eyes.) “do you have a steak?”
“why yes i do!” (proudly displays just-purchased ribeye.)
“i’m having visions of what my life is going to be like when you are pregnant.”

and then she made me steak. and it was good. at noon.

discovery health network has become the channel on our tv. i do not need a clock anymore. my morning is gauged, every day, by the shows house of babies, birthday, and runway moms. i know it’s time for me to go to work when adoption stories comes on. i know way too much about c-sections now. and everything that can go wrong with epidurals. oh, and pregnant models.

hopefully, we will do our first insem around 4/28. i am beyond ready.
apparently, i am in my own 3ww. fun!

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