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yesterday, we had a beer with the coach. (i am enjoying them while i still can…) i had promised myself i wouldn’t bring up babytalk, because i don’t want to become the obsessive woman who only thinks of his sperm when i hang out with him. to my surprise, he broached the subject himself.

the other night, we had discussed what his parents should know. “grandparents” are a tough situation, when “dad” has no rights. but. we know and love his folks. he is their only child, and they know that he doesn’t want a family of his own. his mother is adopted, and grew up with oldschool lesbians in her life, who were known as coach’s grandmas. his parents love us, accept us, and we all agreed that they should know. coach just wasn’t sure when to tell them. does he prepare them by saying we’re going to try? if i don’t get pregnant, then what? they will have had to deal with all the emotions for nothing. so. he is going to wait until i am pregnant to tell them. thoughts on this?

coach also told us that he had some baby and kiddo photos of himself at home, and so we immediately had to go see them! coach is handsome. mid 20s. 6’4″. fit and brownhair/blue eyed. his baby pics? tall and towheaded. adorable and squinty little heartbreaker. i am 5’6″. blond/blue. h is 5’10” brown/green. honestly, the coach looks like he could be related to both of us. it’s not as important to me that my kiddo look just like me. i already have a nephew who looks exactly like me, and so i’ve experienced that strange feeling of, “wow, it’s me. but it’s not me!” i want our child to resemble h a bit, however. i want her to have as many physical connections to him/her as possible. if we make a baby with the help of coach, i think i’ll get to have my cake and eat it too.

hee. excited. i wish i could make myself ovulate on command.

for entertainment’s sake, here’s a pic of me at 3. note the kid-friendly kerosene heater in the background. always safe to ride a tricycle around an open flame while clad in flammable footie jammies. parenting rule #1.chicklet

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