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in the spirit of ttc blog etiquette, i really need to come up with a name for our donorman.

oo! we’ll call him coach. he is the coach of the swimteam after all. ok. coach it is.

so. coach came over last night, and we decided to spend the evening hammering out more details instead of getting cozy with the syringe. the good news about this change in plans is that we got to share a bottle of wine.

coach is a best friend of ours, and we wholly want to respect his feelings and fears in this process. and so we laid everything on the table last night.

here is the proposed situation: he obviously relinquishes rights. “i’ll sign anything you want me to,” he promises. he wants nothing more than to protect our rights to this child, especially since we live in texas. we all want the child to know who coach is, biologically. relationally, he wants to play a grandparent role, i.e. spoil the kid and show up at big events. (he is not of grandparent age, i want to add…)

coach is a friend who is in our daily lives, and that will not change. he rationalizes that he will treat our kid the same way he would if he were not biologically related. that will be his gauge.

we have given coach permission to set the boundaries of involvement.

coach does not want to have a family of his own, but he is excited about passing along the family genes. and he wants us to have a family.

he is ready to start next month. so. here we go.

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